Warlander Devblog #7: Enemies of Warlander - Techno Soldier

Avenging has never been a simple business especially since those you want to exact retribution on tend to fight back...

This is the first blog post dedicated to various enemies our Protagonist will encounter and fight against on his road of vengeance.

Greetings everyone!

It is important for every warrior to know the ins and outs of one’s enemies, down to the bloody guts. How else can anyone expect victory in the battle for relying on luck can only get you so far! While more time will pass until our players can get their hands on the game – and their swords in their enemies – we wanted to present you a closer look at one of the foes you will combat. Behold, the Techno Soldier!

Techno Soldiers represent the majority of the Order’s forces and act both as it’s primary striking fist and as peacekeepers. No matter their current role, Soldiers are always equipped with standard-issue energy swords and shield as well as endurance and dexterity enhancing suits – there’s little need for additional strength if your weapon can cut through metal. Also, when being sent to scout and map the Forest, or other dangerous missions, the Soldiers are always equipped with the latest armor, capable of blocking even Druid blades.

Traditionally, ever since the times of Morven’s Uprising against the dominion of the Druid Cult, the vast majority of Order’s recruits comes from the vassal Clans and the free population of the Capital City. Incentives to join the Order’s armed forces are many – you’ll see the world they say! – but for most, the primary motivation lies in receiving Morven’s Blessing.

In exchange for 30 years of loyal, unfaltering and unquestioning service in arms, one will receive the Blessing of a True God which will take away all the sickness and imperfections of the body and the mind and extend one’s lifespan almost indefinitely! For such a worthy reward, many are prepared to stake their lives and do whatever it takes.

When facing such an enemy, it is important to keep both their weaponry and zeal in mind. Swords of Techno Soldiers will slice through unprotected flesh in mere moments and can melt steel, while their energy shields can block projectiles and even strikes from Druid swords. Keep your guard up, the enhancing suits of the Soldiers will allow them to perform strikes with bursts of speed and agility. Because of the promise of the Blessing, most – if not all – Soldiers are prepared to fight to the death, which makes them incredibly dangerous fighters.

But, every weapon in the arsenal has a flaw, and the same can be said for the Techno Soldiers. They are many in number but their training is limited. Their weaponry might be sorcery to the Clans but it is far from versatile and forces the Soldiers to fight only in a particular way. Because of all of this, the Players might struggle against the common Soldier of the Techno Order when they start with the game but as their own arsenal expands the players will find many and various ways to quickly dispatch them. Our advice is still to be wary – as the Soldier’s blades always pack quite a punch and can quickly cut down anyone who underestimates them.

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