Warlander Devblog #4: There and Hack Again - Warlander on Reboot Develop 2019

Party of six leaves the Forest and heads to the ancient city of Dubrovnik for a slice of knowledge at Reboot Develop 2019...


This April, Reboot Develop (game developer conference) was held from 11th till 13th in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Elder Druids of the Forest decided the omens were favorable and that our little party should travel to that ancient stronghold and present our game to the attendees, both joyful and mischievous in nature. We wanted to get feedback on our progress so far, thus it was decided that we’ll present a playable demo to the public and all the available information about the game.


Our journey started in high spirits - sacrifices were made at the beginning in order to appease the Old God and with hopes that Wards would last. Occasional breaks were made, where each member could contemplate in private while maintaining the connection with the higher power and listening to that distant heartbeat of the Forest.



The party arrived during pitch dark - the ancient city glimmered in the distance, beckoning us but to no avail. We needed rest and tomorrow was the first day of the conference. We wanted to show our best while presenting Warlander to the world.


We arrived early and setup our booth. Being fully aware that just showing the game without proper sacrificial offerings may anger the Old God, we prepared some excellent sliced Prosciutto and Rakija (local brandy made of fruit, this one was of plum) so that our guests could be properly greeted and made stronger by the flesh and blood of our enemies! We didn’t forget those that abhor meat - there were freshly sliced paprika on the table as well! And soon, one by one, visitors started wandering in, sitting at our table, eating and drinking with us, but also playing the game.



Throughout the day, different people give us their opinion of the game and combat, like Renauld Charpentier who played and then engaged into a long and productive discussion with our Cult Lead… Creative Director Goran. Also, all members of our party went to different sessions and lectures in order to obtain valuable knowledge and to spread the word of Old God. Before we knew it, the day was over and we returned to our quarters - well, not all of us. Some went out to party - even deities need a reason to smile!



Second day was also filled with exciting talks, even more, people playing our game and offering us their thoughts, ideas, and advice on how to make it even better. Many gifts were distributed and we also got some presents as well - a nice batch of local health potions called Viljamovka as offerings to the Old God. Knowledge was obtained and the spirits were high. There were no enemies in sight as if Technos were hiding in shadows… but we were all cautious as well, expected the unexpected.



Luckily, this was not the calm before the storm. On the third day, we had some of the best feedback and recommendations for the game. As the whole conference approached its end, we summarised everything we learned - feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we got tremendous support, but also realized that the road ahead is long and hard. There are changes that need to be made, different aspects of the game are open for improvements and we also realized that we have to work harder if we want to achieve it in the timeframe we established…



As we packed our belongings and prepared for the long road home, there was a sense of fulfilled purpose and achieved goal in the air. While we were speeding into dusk, leaving behind the mighty walls of Dubrovnik, the party members shared visions about the future and what awaits us over the hill. We felt that the blessing of the Forest was with us all the time during this conference...

And just maybe, when we reach our goal, we may look upon our work with pride, saying out loud: “And we sliced happily ever after… until the end of our enemies’ days!”