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Warlander Devblog #10: The Art of Warlander

We talk about art, inspiration and also about barbaric villages and shrines for beginners...

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Warlander Devblog #9: The Bosses of Warlander - Forest Guardian

We introduce you to our favorite worm with 16 nasty teeth!

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Warlander Devblog #8: The Environments of Warlander

This blog post brings footage from three different levels of Warlander showcasing the variety of environments.

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Warlander Devblog #7: Enemies of Warlander - Techno Soldier

Avenging has never been a simple business especially since those you want to exact retribution on tend to fight back...

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Warlander Devblog #3: Stakes and Vines

In this post we will be talking about one of the three routes you can go down within the Skill Tree, what new powers they can offer you and some of the cool ways that you can use them.

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